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Excel 97 (Arabic)
TITLE: Excel 97 (Arabic)
AUTHOR: Microsoft
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Microsoft Excel for the Windows 95 Arabic Edition has all the productivity features in the U.S. version, but combines a host of features that are specifically designed for those who work in a mixed Arabic and English environment.
PRICE: $157.00


Microsoft Excel Arabic Edition

Make Sense of Your Numbers-Faster, Easier

Microsoft Excel for the Windows® 95 Arabic Edition operating system is designed to give you the tools you requested. Whether you're working on a simple summary, charting sales trends, or performing advanced analysis, Microsoft Excel helps you work the way you want to get your job done, no matter what job you are doing. In addition to the productivity features in the U.S. version, Microsoft Excel for Windows¨ 95 Arabic Edition combines a host of features that are specifically designed for those who work in a mixed Arabic and English environment.


  • Bilingual Menus: Choose to run Microsoft Excel for Windows '95 Arabic Edition with Arabic or English menus, dialogs, wizards and help files.
  • Arabic and English Languages: Enter Arabic, English or mixed text at any time.
  • Bidirectional Language Features: Complete bidirectional text management is available for cells, columns, rows, tables, sheets, charts and character runs.
  • Intellisense Features: Full support for AutoCorrect, AutoComplete and AutoFormat.
  • Check your Spelling: Microsoft Excel for Windows '95 Arabic Edition checks your spelling of Arabic, English or mixed text simultaneously.
  • Hijri and Gregorian Date Display Format: Choose the appropriate Gregorian or Hijri calendar display format for dates in your spreadsheet.
  • Sort Arabic Text: Full sorting capability with the option of including or ignoring Alef Hamzas, control characters or diacritics.
  • Find and Replace Arabic Text: Full Find and Replace capability with theoption to match or ignore Kashidas, Alef Hamzas or diacritics.
  • Show or Hide Control Characters: Show or hide control characters while in-cell editing.
  • Bidirectional VBA Support: Automate all the extended bidirectional support through the usage of VBA macros, properties and methods. Create bilingual user interfaces using the right to left and left to right user defined forms. Use the sample files as your template for development of Arabic and/or bilingual applications using Microsoft Excel for Windows '95 Arabic Edition as the "platform".
  • DataMap: Present your data using the new DataMap tool to visually emphasize geographical properties, using Arabic text and pre-designed World by Country map with Arabic lables.
  • Import and Export Files from Microsoft Applications: Import files that were created in current or older Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Excel 5.0 Arabic Edition.
  • Import and Export Files from Other Systems: Import files that were created in current or older competitive spreadsheet applications such as Arabic Lotus 1-2-3 versions 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and Arabic Quattro Pro 5.0, as well as MS-DOS text files.
  • Long Filenames: Name your files with upto 255 Arabic or Latin characters, freeing you from restrictive naming conventions imposed by MS-DOS.
  • Answer Wizard: To get help, just type in a question, and the Answer Wizard gives you the information you need.
  • AutoCorrect: Your misspellings and typos can now be corrected automatically as you type.
  • Easier number formatting: View exactly how your numbers will appear before applying formatting to them.
  • Template Wizard with Data Tracking: Turn existing spreadsheets into templates and set up an automatic system to track important data.
  • Spreadsheet Solution Templates: Templates for financial planning, expense tracking, and many other needs make it easy for you to get started.
  • Windows 95 interface: With long filenames, more intuitive control buttons, easy desktop shortcuts, and more, Microsoft Excel takes full advantage of the Windows 95 operating system.
  • Cell Tips: Hover your mouse pointer over a cell containing a note, and a Cell Tip pops up with information important to you.
  • AutoComplete: Speeds repetitive data entry in columns by automatically completing an entry for you.
  • Enhanced drag and drop: Now you can move or copy data effortlessly across worksheets and workbooks to the desktop or to other applications.
  • Subtotals: Automatically generate subtotals of your data.
  • AutoOutline: Outline your data in one step, then view at any level of detail you want.

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